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Script analysis of Examination and SWOT Analysis

In our last mid-term examination most of the scholars created several mistakes in their examination script which require correction by them own. These area unit the most cause for his or her poor marks in their examination what they shouldn’t merit. I additionally created several mistakes in my script that I will discovered once analyzing the script paper. Let’s discuss regarding these:

1. deficient points for the solution

There was thusme queries that area unit appropriate in points in answer and queries were additionally so commonplace. however our examination time is thus tufa to answer all the answers all told points with assured. The course teacher mentioned regarding the all those points in our category concisely, however I can’t wrote all those points within the script that’s why I can’t get the complete marks.

2. Mistakes in Abbreviation

There was some abbreviation in our examination and that i created mistakes in 5 abbreviation. That’s why my marks gone to the insufficient range. There was sixty four abbreviation in entirely within the sheet so it had been terribly tough to capture all the abbreviation in this very little time. That’s why I created some mistakes in there.

3. Answers ought to be in additional detail

There was some theoretical inquiries to answer with describe. however I can’t delineated those queries totally. My answers ought to be additional detail with additional data that is extremely vital for those queries. Time was the most reality for these fault. I can’t wrote correct data with describe for the pressure of responsive future queries within the needed time.

4. Lacking of my preparation

There was a matter regarding grading that I didn’t grasp properly as a result of I didn’t take the preparation regarding the subject of grading before the examination. thus it had been terribly exhausting to answer regarding the grading. That’s why I wrote solely the definition of the grading and couldn’t write the opposite data regarding grading that needed.


Self-evaluation plays a significant role within the overall development of one’s temperament. it should be applicable at any stage of life. The manner that we have a tendency to Americae our skills and talents to create achievements the maximum amount as we are able to presumably do whereas being tuned in to the weather hampering us to grow and develop, should be considered one amongst the most effective methods, because it paves the ways in which to success. it’s vital to perpetually have a balanced and honest read of our temperament, so the capabilities is also unleashed to the foremost fascinating and favorable manner and therefore the weaknesses be eliminated whereas the interactions with others be maintained convincingly, honestly and with confidence. In doing thus, we’d like to own a technique that might facilitate America come in knowing what our strength and weaknesses area unit; what opportunities are receptive America and what threats our weakness exposes America. it might so lead America to debate SWOT analysis. SWOT is an efficient methodology for the event of one’s temperament and modus vivendi.

SWOT could be a combination of 4 words that makes positive the triple-crown life.

S – Strength

# initially I tell regarding my talking. i feel it’s my one amongst the most effective strength. I will speak honestly and really simply to represent something vital ahead of enormous crowd or verbalizer. that’s vital purpose to form focus of the folks simply i feel.
# My communication level is additionally excellent. I will communicate all right with my friends and team.
# I actually have the flexibility to raise key inquiries to realize simply the proper needed angle.
#Good at character creation.
#Good with elaborated lines, cross hatching.
# I will convenes folks terribly simply.
# I will sing all right as all says.


#Distract terribly simply.
# Jump to the ultimate image while not showing development
# Not continuously assured with various poses
# do not browse through the temporary properly thus I generally miss crucial components
# so as to induce things right in my head I actually have to speak it through aloud
# i purchase nervous once presenting ideas to others, and this concern of speaking typically takes the eagerness out of my displays.


# Education and my experiences creates additional opportunities in my life.
# expertise of the communication is additionally chance in my life.
# I attend differing kinds of digital workshop that is vital to form opportunities.
# I try and collect the weekly updates for the potential job.
# I will sing well as my friend says that additionally chance on behalf of me.


# obtaining simply distracted will hinder the standard of my work.
# Lack of development does not support my image creating and is unhealthy apply.
# Being impulsive will lead Maine to creating forceful alternative regarding my work that I might regret additional down the road.
# most time I take the assistance of the technology, however technology can’t replace the human components.
# most time I don’t complete my lessons in time that is additionally threat for my education.
# over and over there’s produce some communication gap with others for various forms of reason and it’s additionally a threat.
#Wrong call in hurry could be a threat.


In last want to say that SWOT analysis is a very important and valuable part of anything such as any company, mill, product, person, just everything. Specially if we can analyze as SWOT ourself by own it will give a great and positive impact in our career.

Updated: July 26, 2018 — 9:02 pm

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